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Table & Capsule Equipment
Granulating Machine
Super Mixer Through-Circulation Dryer
Super Mixer Granulator/ Dryer Oven Dryer
Wet Granulator Fluid-Bed Spray Granulator / Dryer
Roller Compactor Vacuum Freeze Dryer
Mill Granultor Equipment Mixing Equipment
Cone Mill Z-Shaped Mixer
Power Mill V-Shaped Mixer
Double-Shaft Dry Granulator Tumbling Mixer
Fitzs Mill Double Cone Mixer
  U-Shaped Mixer
  Rocking Mixer
Vacuum Suction Device Coating Machine
Lifting Device
Centrifugal Granulator/ Coater
Mixing Tank / Storage Tank Super Coater
  Fluid-Bed Spray/Granulator / Coater
Bio-tech & Chinese Herbal Medicine Equipment
Extraction Equipment
Vacuum Concentration Equipment
Alcohol Distiller
Mixing Tank / Storage Tank
 Super Dryer
Through-Circulation Dryer
Oven Dryer
Super Dryer
Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Mill Granultor Equipment
Cone Mill
Power Mill
Double-Shaft Dry Granulator
Fitzs Mill
Mixing Equipment
Z-shaped Mixer
V-shaped Mixer
Tumbling Mixer
Double Cone Mixer

U-Shaped Mixer
Rocking Mixer

Sterile Injecting Equipment
Bottle Washing Machine Multi-Function Water Distiller
Mixing Isolator Mixing Tank / Storage Tank
Steam Sterilizer Hot Air Sterilizer

Vacuum Equipment
Vacuum Homogeneous Mixer

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